Thursday, January 2, 2014

Gram B

My Grandma Bette, left us here on earth a few weeks ago, right before Christmas time. It was harder than ever to loose such a big part of our lives over such a special holiday, especially since it was her favorite. Gram was a huge part of my life, as to my sister and Mom. Some days it still doesn't feel like this has really happened and the next time I will go back to Geneva, she will be at home waiting for us. But, Gram has always been there for me and I wanted to show her how much she meant to me; thus, I had written this and shared it with all of our family and friends at her memorial service.

Gram B:
Whenever anyone walked into grandmas house there was an aroma of fresh brewed coffee always surrounding you.  I can remember so many morning of waking up, going over  to her house and sitting at the table for hours drinking our "special" coffee and talking. I would give  anything to have one more cup of coffee with her, to hear her laugh, and to hear her many stories just one last time. My grandma was so full of life, so loving, and generous.  I never thought this day would come, she has fought so hard for so long I thought she would make it through anything.  Even though these last few years may have been challenging, she still would do whatever she could for us. If it was making peanut butter pies or going to special events to support us, she wanted to be for us. So care free and adventurous, she has traveled all over and seen so much. Gram has always been such a big part of my life. She was someone who was a big part of who I am today. Not only my love for shoes, diamonds and purses, but so much more. She wanted what was best for me and always helped me when I needed. She always may have not told you that you were wanting to hear, but whatever she said it was the truth. I am so blessed that she was able to be here for my high school and college graduations, and being able to share my wedding day with her. She has been there for so many important days in my life that it is going to be extremely hard to no longer be able to share those with her. But, my heart is at ease knowing she is watching down on me and all of us. that even though our family may not always be together, she will be by each of our sides.  When gram would go back to Florida each year,  giving her that one last hug before she got on the airplane, tears would come rushing to my eyes, and she would always tell me to "stop that", as she did the same, since she would see me soon. I love my gram so much, and I just have to keep telling myself that she just went away to Florida and I will see her soon. I will miss her each day, and every holiday season will be a reminder of the joy she brought to my life and to so many others. 

I love you Gram, & always will!! You will forever be in all of our hearts! XOXO

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  1. Oh Mari, this is a tear jerker! I'm so glad I was able to meet your gma and it is such a blessing that you guys were able to have a close relationship!